Sham Valley / Western Ladakh


Sham Valley, Indus Valley or Western Ladakh is one of the highest populated region of Ladakh. Sham Valley is also the most fertile ground and hence agricultural hub of Leh District. Sham region is popular of for apricot, walnut and second crop due to its lower altitude and better temperature in summer.

Most popular of the important tourist destinatons are Lamayuru Monastery, Alchi Temple, Rizong Monastery, Likir Monastery and many other historical and cultural sites like the Palace / Castle of Basgo and Castle of Tingmosgang, both were Capital of Ladakh for sometimes in the History of Ladakh.

Western Ladakh or Sham Valley is also popular for many trekking routes specially the Baby or Short Sham Trek starting from Likir and ending at Tingmosgang or Khaltsi. This trekking route is opened through out the year and hence the only trekking route that can be negotiated for 12 months.

Sham Valley is popular for apricot oil and many high altitude grown corps like barley, wheat, black pea, green pea, walnut, grape, etc.

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