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Cultural Tours to Ladakh

Ladakh is one of the ancient Himalayan culturally rich regions in the Indian Himalayas. Its affinity to Tibet has given it an identity of Little Tibet. After invasion of Tibet by China, Ladakh is one of the well-known places in Himalaya where in ancient Buddhist cultural heritage of the region in those days are still thriving till date. Ladakh being a land-locked region naturally have been and distant and difficult target for cultural sabotaging factors and hence managed to escape many such influences due to topographic plus points. That is why it is describe some of the earlier writers on Ladakh:

“Only the Best of the Friends and Worst of Enemies can make it to Ladakh”

“You can get frostbite and sun-stroke at the same time if your feet are in the shade and head in the sun”

Culture is an every changing tangible part of an identity of the people of a particular region. Tangible form of such culture changes with the passage of time in its physical forms, but the deep values of such rich cultural heritage (which are intangible) do not change much and manifest itself through the lifestyle of the people of the region for hundreds and hundreds of years. Ladakh is still a culturally very rich society. Ancient trading route – the famous Silk Route passed through Ladakh. Ladakh’s cultural heritage is composition of thousands of years of trade and cultural exchanges on this Silk Route. Because of years of such trade and cultural exchanges in the past, Ladakh’s Culture represent much of the Central Asian culture and hence a very rich and ancient culture.

Some reference as to how Ladakh was and how it is now, one should read these books on Ladakh by these great explorers, scholars, artist and adventurers of those days.

  • Travels in Kashmir, Ladakh and Iskardo by G.T. VIGNE, 1842
  • Ladakh - Physical, Statistical and Historical with Notice of Surrounding Countries by ALEXANDER CUNNINGHAM, 1854
  • Travels in Ladakh and Kashmir by MOORCROFT & GEORGE TREBECK, 1819-1825
  • Where Three Empires Meet by KNIGHT, 1895
  • Unknown Life of Jesus Christ by NICOLAS NOTOVITCH, 1916
  • The Way of the White Cloud – LAMA ANAGARIKA GOVINDA, 1966

Tour Packages

Kashmir,kargil, leh ladakh, nubra and pangong lake

Kashmir Ladakh Nubra Pangong

Trip Duration:
7 Nights - 8 Days
Best Time:
May to Sept.
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Festival Dates of ladakh

Festivals of Ladakh

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0 Nights - 0 Days
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