Rumtse to Pang via Tsokar and Tsomoriri Lakes

Rumtse; Tsokar; Tsomoriri; Pangong; Taklang La Pass; Mori Plains; Nomadic Region; Nomadic Plains; Nomadic Plateau
Trip Duration:
14 Nights - 15 Days
Best Time:
June to Sept
5350 m
High Alttidute Trek
Rumtse, Tsokar, Tsomoriri, Pang
Kumur La Pass 5100, Mandalchan La Pass 5150 m, Shimbuk La Pass 5100, Horlam Kongka La Pass 4950 m, Kyuru La 5300 m, Karse La 5300 m, Yalanau Pass 5350 m, Manechan La Pass 4900 m, Thelankung La Pass 5000 m
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Ladakh is Trekkers Paradise. Eastern Ladakh or Changthang Plateau is nomadic region of Ladakh with high altitude plains dotted with great high altitude lakes and snow peaked mountains and passes. Easter Ladakh is also a nomadic cultural hub of Ladakh. Nomads of the region of Rupsho and Kharnak throng the high altitude plateau of the region with their yaks, pashmina goats, sheeps and their cattle dogs.

Trekking routes in this region of the Ladakh Himalaya is some of the best trekking routes in Ladakh still not spoiled by modernization and development. Following trek is one such trek the only hardcore trekkers with great expereince of high altitude treks and good acclimitization experience can indulge and enjoy. Most of the camping are 4500 meters and there are many 5000 m + passes to cross almost every alternate days.

Great lanscape, lakes, nomads camps, passes and snow capped high moutains touching the blue sky is a sight every trekkers can enjoy. This region is also a hotspot of rich biodiversity of Ladakh with many rare flora and fauna of  Ladakh.  Pollinators like rare high altitude  bees and butterflies, rare birds like black-necked cranes, rare mammals like Pallas cat, Eurasian Lynx and Tibetan Argali, rare reptiles like Toad Agama, etc. decorate and seemingly empty of life.


Rumtse to Pang via Tsokar and Tsomoriri Lakes


  1. Rumste to Pang via Tsokar
  2. Drive to Rumtse and camp
  3. Rumtse to Kyamar 4 hrs
  4. Kyamar to Tisaling 6 hrs via Kumur La pass 5100 m and Mandalchan La pass 5150.
  5. Tisaling to Panganagu 6 hrs via Shimbuk La Pass 5100 m
  6. Pangangu to Nurchan 5 hrs
  7. Nurchan to Rachungkaru 5 hrs via HorlamKongka La Pass 4900 m
  8. Rachungkaru to Gyama Lom 6-7 hrs via Kayuru La Pass 5300 m and Karse la 5300 m
  9. Gyama Loma to Korzok Phu 5-6 hrs Yalanau La Pass 5360 m
  10. Korzok Phu to Kyangduam 7 hrs
  11. Kyangdam to Latho Gongma 5-6 hrs
  12. Latho Gongma to Manechan 5-6 hrs over Manechan La 4900 m
  13. Manechan to Zozogong 6 hrs
  14. Zozogong to Numa 6 hrs over Thelakung La pass 5000 m
  15. Numa to Pang 2 hrs and drive back to Leh.


This is one of the Hard Trek routes in Ladakh. Only hardcore trekkers with good experience of trekking at high altitude above 4000 meters are enjoy this trek All the campings are at 4500 m and one of the camp is at 5160 m at Gyama Loma.




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