Pallas's Cat in Hanle, Ladakh Wildlife Tour

Pallas's Cat Expedition Tour to Ladakh


Pallas's Cat (Otocolobus manul) or Manul called Ribilik / Tak Shan or Sukthung locally is one of the very rare small wild cats found in Ladakh, India. Of the three wild cats found in Ladakh, Manul is the smallest and most difficult to spot. Their numbers are unknown and no much data about their habitats and numbers are available. The other two wild cats of Ladakh are Eurasian Lynx (lynx lynx) and Snow Leopard (Uncia panthera).

Wildlife Photographers visit Ladakh, specially Hanley/ Hanle or Anley Basin Wildlife Reserve in eastern Ladakh to try their luck. Wildlife tourism in Ladakh is on the rise and very soon, Ladakh will be one of the hot destinations for wildlife of the himalayas like Tibetan Wolf/ Himalayan Wolf, Tibetan Sand Fox, Himalayan Red Fox, etc.  Ladakh, especially Hanley in eastern Ladakh / Changthang is becoming a great destination of Pallas's Cat photographers.

Besides Hanley, there are other hotspots where Pallas's Cats in Ladakh are also recorded and photographed. Serious Wildlife Photographers and Wildlife enthuisists visiting Ladakh can contact Ancient Tracks for Pallas's Cat Tour to Ladakh. Our Team of Widllife experts, naturalists, wildlife guides and spotters try their best to let you spot Manul / Pallas's Cat or in its habitat in Ladakh Himalaya.

Ancient Tracks is also engaged is wildlife conservation and founder Mr. Lobzang Visuddha is one of the founder members of Wildlife Conservation and Birds Club of Ladakh (WCBCL). He also co-authored the first book on Birds of Ladakh by Indian organizations and authors. He is also one of editor of JUNGWA magazine published by WCBCL, Leh.

Manul Photography Tour to Ladakh / Manul Expedition to Ladakh / Pallas's Cat Expedition to Changthang Ladakh can be a flexible program. Best time spot Manul in Ladakh is in the winter months. Pallas's Cat can also be spotted in summer months, but more days are needed to spot.

Ancient Tracks is also planning to conduct practical field trips into the wild habitats for "Signs and Tracks" study and volunteers can join us to conduct such field trips.

Tour Packages

Pallas's Cat in Hanle, Pallas's Cat expedition to Ladakh Hanle

Pallas's Cat Expedition to Ladakh

Trip Duration:
7 Nights - 8 Days
Best Time:
Nov - March
Price Available on Request