Eurasian Lynx wildlife tour to Ladakh

Eurasian Lynx PhotographyTour to Ladakh

Leh, Nubra, Changthang, Hemis National Park.
Trip Duration:
12 Nights - 13 Days
Best Time:
Jan - Dec
4000+ m
Eurasian Lynx, Tibetan Wolf,
Price Available on Request

Books to Read before Venturing for this Wildlife Photography Tour

1.Field Guid Mammals of Ladakh and Birds and Mammals of Ladakh to know more about Wildlife of Ladakh and Birds of Ladakh as well.


Eurasian Lynx (Lynx lynx) or Ee in Ladakhi is one of the medium sized Wildlife cats found in Ladakh in India. Beside the Snow Leopard (Panthera Uncia) and Pallas's Cat (Otocolobus manul), Eurasian Lynx is of the Wild Cats of Ladakh that roam the high and cold snow covered mountains of Ladakh Himalaya.  This medius size cat is agile and strong and is high adapted to the thin air atmosphere of Ladakh.

Wildlife Photographers and Wildlife enthuisists visiting Ladakh for Wildlife tours to Ladakh, also try their luck in spotting the Eurasian Lynx in Ladakh during their trip. Eurasian Lynx Photography Tour to Ladakh is an exclusive wildlife photography tour for sighting this elusive cat of Ladakh Himalaya. Spotting Lynx in Ladakh is more difficult than spotting snow leopard in Ladakh.

Team of Wildlife spotters and experts try their best to spot this elusive Eurasian lynx in Ladakh and share their experiences of conservation during such wildlife tours to Ladakh with Ancient Tracks. This Itinerary is fully dedicated in spotting the Eurasian Lynx in Ladakh, but it might also offer other surprise spottings like Snow Leopard, Pallas's Cat, Tibetan Sand Fox, and other Mammals of Ladakh like Asiatic Ibex, Blue-sheep / Bharal, Ladakh Urial and Kiang / Wild Ass. If you are venturing into eastern Ladakh like Tsokar you might also have the chance of spotting the biggest Wildlife Sheep in the World. Minimum of 12 nights in Ladakh is required for this widlife trek to Ladakh in enhancing the chances of sighting the Eurasian Lynx or Ee in Ladakh.

Other side trips could include a day of Birding Around Leh - visiting Shey marshes, Spituk Marshes, Thiksay Marshes or Rumbak Valley.


Day1. Arrive at Leh KBR Airport and transfer to Hotel,  Leh. Full Day at lesuire to acclimatize to Leh's high altitude of 3500 m. Evening around Leh Market.

Day2. Full Day Birding around Indus River Belt / Visit Monasterie and Cultural Sites - Leh Palace, Tsemo Temple and Spituk. Hotel, Leh

Day3-11 Drive to Lynx habitat areas (it can vary from season to season) and stay in Homestays or Camps. Spotting Eurasian Lynx.

Day12. Drive back to Leh after a succesful spotting of Eurasian Lynx and other rare wildlife of ladakh and birds of Ladakh. Hotel, leh

Day 13. Trasfer to Leh airpor and Fly out