ladakh photography tour

Photography Tour to Ladakh

Ladakh Himalaya is a photographers' paradise. Monks and Monasteries, Nuns and Nunneries, Tibetan tradition and Prayer Flags, Lakes and Peaks and beautiful Ladakhi villages along the route of traveller is unmatchable subject for a photographer. To add to it the colorful mountains changing colors every distance - sometimes rocky and sometimes sandy, ever changing colors of the valleys, Ladakh is one of the most favoured photography destination. Changing color of the lakes like the Tsomoriri, Pangong, Tsokar and Yaya Tso are must capture destinations.

Ladakh's wildlife is another important reason for Wildlife Photographers to visit Ladakh. Rare reptiles, pollinators, amphibians, insects,  flies are rarely thought about subjects for photographers. Birds and Mammals including Snow leopard and Black-necked Crane are already popular reasons for a Wildlife Photography Tour to Ladakh. Some of mammals of ladakh  species targetted by wildlife photographers are the Eurasian Lynx (Ee), Pallas's Cat (Trakshan or Ribilik), Tibetan Sand Fox (Sili), Wild Yak (Dong), Tibetan Argali (rNyan), Tibetan Antelope (rTsos), Tibetan Gazelle (Goa), Red Fox (Watsey), Wild Ass (Kiang), Blue-Sheep (rNapo or Napo), Ladakh Urial (Shapo), Eurasian Otter (Chu-Sram), Stone Martin (Kogar), Himalayan Weasel (Lakirmo), Marmots (Phia), Picas and Voles (Zabra), besides the flagship and apex wild predator the Snow Leopard (Shan or rChan).

Some of the Birds of Ladakh or Avian World of Ladakh targeted by Wildlife Photographers to Ladakh are Little Owl, Tibetan Sandgrouse, Ground Pecker, Tibetan Partridge, Tibetan Snowcock, Himalayan Snowcock, Solitary Snipe, Finches of high altitude like the Great Rosefinch, Brandt's Mountain Finch, Plain Mountain Finc, Sillem's Mountain Finch, Plain-backed Mountain Finch, and some larks of Ladakh like the Tibetan Lark, Horned Lark,  and some Wheatears. Ibisbill along the Indus and Nubra River are leisurely photographed beside the flagship state bird of Jammu and Kashmir  - the Black-necked Crane. Swift and fast raptors like the Sake Falcon, Golden Eagle, Eurasian Eagle Owl, Upland Buzzard, Lammegeir, Eurasian Hobby should not be missed when opportunities chanced upon. Vultures and Griffons like the Himalayan Griffon often surprise wildlife photographers in ladakh.

Tour Packages

Ladakh Photograpy tour with Ancient Tracks

Ladakh Photography Tour

Trip Duration:
7 Nights - 8 Days
Best Time:
All year along
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