Ladakh and Zangskar

Zangskar region of Ladakh is situated south of Leh, the capital town of twin districts of Ladakh. Zangskar is a Buddhist Majority region of Ladakh falling under Kargil District. Zangskar is popular for adventure seekers for trekking. Some of the best trekking routes in Himalaya are in Zangskar or through Zangskar. To name a few popular trekking routes in Zangskar and Ladakh are:  Lamayuru to Darshar Trek, Lamayuru to Padum Trek, Lamayuru to Lingshed Trek, Padum to Darsha trek, Padum to Lamayuru trek, Trans Singay La Trek, Trans Zangskar Trek, Padum to Pang Trek, etc.

Besides, trekking, Zangksar is also very popular for spiritual and cultural tours. Some of the best beutiful monsteries / Gonpas of Zangskar are Karsha Gonpa, Stongday Gonpa, Sani Gonpa, Zongskul Gonpa, Phugtal Gonpa, Rangdum Gonpa, Stagrimo Gonpa and Photang of His Holiness the Dalai Lama at Padum Zangskar.Though Lingshed falls in Zangskar geographically, but administratively, Lingshed Monastery falls in Leh District and Wanla Constituency Councillor of LAHDC, Leh.

Zangskar is also popular for many great nunneries with hundreds of nuns from Zangskar. Some of the nunneries are the Zangla Nunnery, Pushu Nunnery, Stagrimo Nunnery, Chuchikjal Nunnery at Karsha, Tungri Nunnery and Phey Nunnery.

Traditionally Zangskar is know for its Zangskari Butter or Zangskar Mar, Cheese (Churpey or Churphey), Black pea and other products like the Zangskar Horses / Ponies. People of Zangskar are hardworking and religious a lot. Many of Zangskar laymen, during the winter cater to the needs of a section of religous families in Leh, who invite them to read the sacred Buddhist Scriptures at their home and this practice of reading Buddhist Scripture goes on for days at each houses.

One of the Tourist Winter Attraction related to Zangskar region of Ladakh is the Winter Chadar Trek - trekking or walking on the frozen Zangskar River. This trekking route, was once, one of the most sought after great adventure destinations in the world. But now, the core essense of its adventure is lost due to construction of roads parelalled to the trekking route from both sides. Still, thousands of domestic tourists throng this route in the mid winter in time gap or 45-50 days, normally mid Jan-Mid Feb.

For the Jeep Safari lovers, Zangskar is great destination. It takes 3 days from Leh to get into it at Padum and same number of days to get out of the Valley. Beautiful road from Suru Valley, Panikhar, Parkachik, Rangdum, Pentse la,  to Padum is worth the rough drive. Zangksar is also great destination for many wild animals including the Himalayan Brown Bear, whose number is dwindling as per experts. Long-tailed Marmot is found only in Zangskar region of Ladakh, besides many rare species of Birds and Mammals of Ladakh.