Hostels in Ladakh

Staying at Hostels (shared dormitories) while on an adventure trip to places like Ladakh is new trend most of the youth travellers and backpackers are looking for. Catering to the needs of this section of tourists, few beautiful overnight stay accommodations have come up in the last few years. Ecology Hostel,  Youth Cultural Centre Leh and many other hostel tryo accomodations caters to the need of backpackers. By staying in these hostels not only one could save some hardearned money but also bring back memories of meetings with great travellers from different parts of the world.

Making travel cheaper and more educative, hostel stays in destination like Ladakh is becoming a fashion among many well-informed travellers. Learning, sharing, using the hard-earned money sparingly are some of the reasons other than making great friends and finding comapanions on such tours. Like share tours, share jeeps, share taxis, shared treks and shared homestay travel and shre homestay trekkings, are a worth try on a travel to Ladakh.