Ladakh Bird Festival


Good News for all the birds lovers and birders out there! 

In Oct 2021, the Administration of Union Territory of Ladakh, officially celebrated the First Edition of LADAKH BIRD FESTIVAL. The 3-day event included presentations on Birds of Ladakh, Plays and Skits on different conservation themes, talks by experts and panelist, photo exhibtion by local organization - WCBCL, Birding Tour around Indus river lead by local birders, painting and easy writing competion among students and finally price distribution. 


The Festival, as per authorities, will be an annual feature and every year in Oct Ladakh Bird Festial will be celebrated. Ancient Tracks invites birders from within India and abroad to the event. Ancient Tracks can organize birding watching trips around Ladakh and Changthang during, prior or after the Ladakh Bird Festival celebrations.  

Books to Refer for Birding in Ladakh for Birders visiting Ladakh:

1. Birds and Mammals of Ladakh by Otto Pfister

2. A Comprehesive account of BIRDS OF LADAKH, Comentary, Notes and Field Guide by WCBCL, GB Pant National Institute and Deparment of Wildlife Protection, UT Ladakh.

3. Naturally Wild Ladakh by Tashi Chotak Lonchey

4. Birds of India Subcontinent by Tim Inskip et al