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Rock Arts Petroglyphs tour to Ladakh

Leh; Saboo; Taru; Gangles; Saboo phu; Gya chu; Upshi; Kharu; Shara; Khaltsi; Basgo; Domkhar; Domkhar rock art sanctuary; Kharu Rock art sanctuary; stakna; phyang; etc.
Trip Duration:
7 Nights - 8 Days
Best Time:
12 months
Price Available on Request

Rock Arts of Ladakh / Rock Carvings of Ladakh / Petrogylphs of Ladakh or Rock History of Ladakh is an Ancient Heritage of Ladakh and some of these arts are as old as some 10000 years old (as per experts)! Indeed, with so much of history carved on Rocks in the different Valleys of Ladakh along rivers like Indus, Shayok, Nubra and Suru, Rock Carvings of Ladakh carry great historical facts and information, a thread through the ages, that identifies the generations down the line, that of our generation!

Rock Arts in Ladakh are found strewen all over Ladakh along river beds on shinny rocks, leaving historical facts and important signs that made great sense in those days and they were very important for those ancestors. Rock Carvings of differenc scenes like hunting yak, hunting ibexes and hunting wild animals are more common. There are also scense that depict merry making like dancing scenes, some mytical figures. There are rock arts of many wild animals and birds  like snow leopard, wolf, redfox, tibetan fox, lizard / agamas, frog (?), etc. and signs like the star, sun, moon, mountains, etc. Many mystical signs and arts also gives us an opportunity to guess and ponder as to how lives were lived some 3000 - 10000 years ago. Though we know that they did not have facities we enjoy these days, but they lived really wild, hunting their food like the wild animals and stay at hunting grounds suitable for them to get enough food.

Rocks Arts at Domkhar in Ladakh along the lower Indus is an example and Ladakh's rich Petroglyph storage still to be seen and preservation of these rock art heritage of Ladakh for the future generation becomes prime duty of every rock art lovers of ladakh. Rock Art experts or Petroglph experts visiting Ladakh will find a respository of ancient treasure spead over vast regions of Ladakh including, Shayok, Durbook and Tangtse Valley, Nubra Valley, Caravan routes along the Shoyok and Nubra by the Saltoro, Ladakh and Indus Valley like Domkhar, Rong and Changthang.


Day 01: Arrive and rest for acclimatization. Hotel, Leh

Day02: Around Leh, visit monateries and Gangles, Saboo. Leh

Day03: Leh to Domkhar, on the way visit Taru, Saspol,  Takmachey. Domkhar

Day04: Domkhar and surrounding villages till Beama. Domkhar

Day05: Domkhar to Leh via Tia,e tc. Leh

Day06: Leh to Nang, Stakna, Kharu and Shara. Leh

Day07: To Gyachu and back to Leh

Day08: Fly to Delhi





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