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Festivals of Ladakh

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Ladakh in the North West Indian Himalaya is known by many names - Heaven Between Earth and the Sky, Little Tibet, Peaks and Lamas, Shangri La, etc. Ladakh has facinated many historians, adventure travellers, philosphers, writters, photographers, mountaineers, artists, painters, caravans, traders, monks, saints, sages and many ancient travellers on the silk route.

Cultural and Spiritual atmospheres in ancient ladakh attracted many researchers and writters. Cultural and Spiritual presentations in the form of calenrical festivals like Losar celebration, monastic mask dance festivals and dram performances entertained these travellers to Ladakh both spiritually and culturally. Some of the important Festivals of Ladakh listed bellow are attractions of Ladakh and many a tourist specially travel from far and wide to witness these living ancient exotic spiritual performances.


Name of festivals Venue 2019 2020
Ladakh Tourism Festivals
Sindhu Darshan Festival Leh sindhu ghat Jun 12-14 Jun 12-14
Silk Route Festival Nubra Valley Jun 23-24 Jun 23-24
Ladakh Polo Festival Shagran, Chushot Gongma Jul 11-17 Jul 11-17
Tegar Nubra Heritage Tourism Festival Tegar Nubra Valley Jul 27-28 Jun 27-28
Aryan Festival  Dha Hanu Aug 30-31 Aug 30-31
Ladakh Festival  Leh Sep 27-28 Sep 27-28
Ladakh Ethnic Festivals
Spituk Gustor Spituk Monastery Jan 3-4 Jan 22-23
Dosmochey Leh & Likir Feb 2-3 Feb 21-23
Yargon Tungshak Nubra (Yarma) Feb 8 – 9 Feb 27-28
Stok Guru Tsechu Stok village Feb 15–17 Mar 3–4
Matho Nagrang Matho Feb 18-19 Mar 8-9
Saka Dawa Ladakh Jun 17 Jun 5
Yuru Kabgyat Lamayuru Monastery  Jul 29 – 30  Jun 18 – 19
His Holiness The Dalai Lama’s Birthday Choklamsar Jul 6 Jul 6
Hemis Tseschu Hemis Monastery Jul 11-12 Jun30 – 1Jul
Sachukul Gustor Sachukul Monastery Jul 19–20 Jul 7–8
Stongday Gustor Stongdey Monastery Jul 20–21 Jul 8-9
Karsha Gustor Karsha Monastery Jul 30-31 Jul 18-19
Phyang Tsesdup Phyang Monastery Jul 30-31 Jul 18-19
Korzok gustor Tsomoriri Karzok Monastery Aug 3-4 Jul 23-24
Temisgam Tseskarmo Temisgam Monastery Aug 15 Jul
Dakthok Tsechu Dakthok Monastery Aug 10-11 Jul 29-30
Sani Naro Nasjal Zanskar Sani Palace Aug 14-15 Aug 2-3
Deskit Gustor Diskit Monastery Oct 26 – 27 Oct 14 – 14
Nyoma Gustor Nyoma Monastery Oct 26-27 Oct 26-27
Thiksay Gustor Thiksey Monastry Nov 15-16 Nov 3-4
ChamdeyGustor Chemdey Monastery Nov 24–25 Nov 13-14
Galden Namchot Ladakh Nov 24-25 Nov 13-14
Ladakhi Losar Ladakh Dec 27 Dec 15