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Wildlife Tours to Ladakh

Ladakh is situated at a elevation of 3500 m average therefore many of the high altitude mammals and bird can be found on a Wildlife Tour to Ladakh. Total of 36 species of mammals of Ladakh are recorded including Snow Leopard (Shan or rChan), Tibetan Argali (rNyan or Nyan), Tibetan Gazelle (Gawa or Goa), Tibetan Antelope (sTsos or Shatoosh), Tibetan Wolf (Shanku), Wild Yak (Dong), Palla's Cat (ri-rchan, ribilik), Eurasian Lynx (Ee), Asiatic Ibex (Skin), Ladakh Urial (Shapo) , Blue-sheep (rNapo), Wild Ass (Kiang), Tibetan Wild Dog (Phara), Stone Martin (Kogar), Himalayan Marmot (Phia or Phya), Long-tailed Marmot (Phia), Mountain Weasel (Niula), Voles, Picas, are some of the highlights on Wildlife Tour to Ladakh. Tibetan Sand Fox (Sili) and Muskdeer were not spotted recently, though Ladakh hosted them also in the list of Mammals of Ladakh.

One could also combine Birding Tour to Ladakh with Wildife Tour to spot some of the rare and high altitude birds of Ladakh like Black-necked Cranes (Cha Thung Thung), Eurasian Owil (Ugpa), Bar-headed Goose (Nangpa) / Geese, Humme's Ground Pecker, Little Owl,  Saker Falcon, Ibisbill (Tunglak ma), Solitary Snipe, Golden Eagle (Laknak), Lammergiere (Skyaklak), etc.

Customised Itinerary also can be sent to interested Wildlife Enthuisists on writing to us info@ancienttracks.com  or lvisuddha@yahoo.com

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Hemis National Park, Ulley, Hanle, Tomoriri, Tsokar Wildlife Tour

Trip Duration:
11 Nights - 12 Days
Best Time:
May-June and Sept-October
Price Available on Request