tsokar birding tour

Birding around Leh Ladakh

Leh; Choglamsar; Chushot; Thiksy; Kharu; Upshi; Rumbtsey; Gya; Taklang la; Thukjay; Tsokar; Tasabuk;
Trip Duration:
6 Nights - 7 Days
Best Time:
May - Sept
5329 m
Tsokar Lake Biodiversity Basin
Leh, Rumtse, Gya, Thukjay
Hard, Camping at Tsokar 4600 m for 03 nights
Taklang La Pass 5329 m
Price Available on Request

Wildlife of Ladakh, Birds of Ladakh, Birds of Himalaya

Tsokar Lake in Ladakh is situated at 4600 m and is one of the best bio-diversity hotspots in Ladakh India. This lake basin a a paradise for many high altitude bird species in summer months as they come here to breed. Tsokar is reachable by road from Leh in 3 hrs and is situate at a distance of about 160 km. Tsokar can be reached both from Rumtse Valley across Taklang La pass 5329 m and via Puga Valley across Polo Kongka pass 5150 m.

Every year from Spring till Fall / Autumn, this lake is thronged by many Himalaya birds including the Black-necked Crane - the State Bird of Jammu and Kashmir State. Tsokar Lake consists of both fresh water and brackish water and hence a perfect atmosphere for many wildlife.  The wetlands / marshy land surrounding the lake is a great reserviour of rich floral treasure that fetches as lifeline for the regions rare wildlife.

Birds like Humme's Ground Pecker, Little Owl, Upland Buzzard, Black-necked Crane, Ruddy Sheldcuk, Bar-headed Geese, Saker Falcon and Mammals like the Kiang or Wild Ass, Tibetan Argali, Tibetan Wolf, Red Fox and Stolickza's Mountain Vole are typical inhabitant of the Tsokar Wildlife Reserve. Recently, a recording sighing of Wood Warbler also happened at  Tasabuk part of the lake, which is for the first time recorded not only from the Himalaya but also from the entire Indian Subcontinent.

Tsokar Birding Tour is customized special birding tour for the hardcore bird lovers and birders and Ancient Tracks Birding Guide leads the tour is such way that the wildlife of the region is least disturbed and the clients are encouraged to  support in Conservation of Wildlife of Ladakh.


Day01: Arrive at Leh.

Day02: Birding Around Indus River / North Pullu

Day3. Birding Trip to Tsokar via Rumtsey Valley, Taklang La.

Day04-5 Full Day Birding around Tsokar Lake in Samad Rokche region of Changthang.

Day06. Drive to Leh via Puga Valey, Mahe bridge, Chumathang.

Day07. Fly out of Leh









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