Open Group Booking Snow Leopard Trek to Ladakh

Leh; Hemis National Park; Rumbak Valley; Husing Valley; Tarbung Valley; Spituk; Ulley; Ligtse; Tukla; Phulak; Yangthang; Saspotsey
Trip Duration:
12 Nights - 13 Days
Best Time:
Mid Dec 2022 - Mid March 2023
3500 - 4000 m
Snow Leopard, Birding and Wildlife of Ladakh.
Leh, Jingchen, Husing Camp, Ulley / Ligtse in Rong Valley
Hard - Challenge of facing minus temperatures and camping
4900 m
Price Available on Request

Spotting a Snow Leopard in the wild is, indeed, a priceless catch for wildlife photographers. Ladakh is one of the most popular destinations for sighting snow leopard in the wild. Ancient Tracks with its team of experst on snow leopard have been organising wildlife tours to Ladakh in the winters for spotting snow leopard with 100% success till date.

Open Group Booking Snow Leopard Tour 2022, 15th Dec onwards is an open invitation for individuals to join this snow leopard expedition to Ladakh. Group operates with minimu of 6 person and maximum of 10 pax.

Itinerary to spot snow leopard is customised to suite good spotting chances and hence optimistic of sighting snow leopards in Ladakh - Rong Valley, Hemis National Park and Ulley.

By joining this group, you save good amount of money as the group operation costs less than exclusive individual tours.




DAY 01

Reception at Kushok Bakula Rinpochey Airport,Leh, and  welcome in traditional Ladakh style by extending white scarf to each and every guests, transfer to Hotel, Leh. Complete day rest for acclimatization (it is very important for those coming from lower altitude) to Leh’s high altitude of 3450 mtr. Hot lunch at the Hotel. Evening easy walk/stroll in the Leh Market for orientation with English speaking Guide. Hotel/ Guest House Leh.

DAY 02

26th January is India's Republic Day! Celebration at Leh Polo ground is a great experience.

After breakfast (b/f) Local Sight Seeing Around Leh - Walk to Leh Town - visit Leh Palace, Tsemo Temple, Chowkhang Vihara / Gonpa Soma and Leh Market. Hotel/Guest House Leh.

DAY 03

Tsemo Temple atop the Hill behind Leh Town, Ladakh

After b/f drive (1 hr) to Zingchen in the Hemis National Park  (HNP) and trek for about 1 hr to reach the Husing Camping (3650 m). Camp at Husing for the coming number of days for spotting snow leopard and other wild animals including Blue Sheep, Pica, Wolf, Redfox, Wooly Hare, Eurasian Lynx, Tibetan Argali, Asiatic Ibex, etc. Rumbak Valley also a great birding valley in the Hemis National Park (HNP) and one can spot many special Birds of  Ladakh like White-browed Tit Warbler, Eurasian Magpie, Tibetan Snowcock, Himalayan Snowcock, Wall Creeper, Robin Accentor, Brown Accentor, Fire-fronted Serin, Chukar, Great Rosefinch, Golden Eagle, Bearded Vulture, Redbilled Chough, Yellow Billed Chough, Solitary Snipe, etc. Camp at Husing

DAY 04

A Red Fox stealing its share from a Ibex Kill by snow leopard, Ladakh

Full Day snow leopard spotting walks/treks into different valleys with inputs and guidance from Spotter(s) who scan the whole valley from morning till evening with breaks for morning tea/breakfast/lunch and evening tea. On spotting snow leopard, the spotters convey the message to our guests with the help of walky talky and also by getting message personally by spotters who come to help guests  in getting their heavy camera gears to the spotting point  -  normally a mount, ridge about 100-250 meter above the camp depending on the sighting spot. The Husing Valley, Husing Ridge, The Tarbung Valley and Tarbug Ridge, The neckless slope and ridge at Tarbung and Tsarlung rocks and ridges are among the most popular snow leopard sighting sites in Hemis National Park. Camp at Husing

DAY 05

A snow leopard kills 49 sheeps and goats in Meru Village, Ladakh

Full Day Snow Leopard spotting walks/treks (similar to previous day), The camp is surrounded by few valleys popular for spotting Snow Leopards, like Husing Valley, Tsarbung Valley,Kharlung Valley, Tarbung Valley and Rumbak Valley . Spotter(s) will scan the Valleys on tip-offs and on their own experiences and convey messages to the camp and location of the guests. Walking with the snow leopard experts from Ladakh in these valleys and having coffees and teas with tough mountain guides in sub zero temperatues on slopes and ridges of mountains in Ladakh is an experience in itself to be cherished for years. Camp at Husing

DAY 06

Snow Leopard Spotting at Matho village, 2016

Besides mammals the Rumbak Valley in Hemis National Park is also home to many species of birds like Golden Eagle, Lemmergeier/ Bearded Vulture, Himalayan Griffon, White-winged Redstart, Fire-fronted Serene,  Himalayan Snowcock, Chukar, Redbilled Chough, Yellow Billed Chough, Wall Creeper, etc. At the Camp, while the spotters are busy scanning the slopes and ridges of the mountains, Birding enthuisist can trek around the valley to spot one of the rare birds of Ladakh, the WHITE-BROWED TIT WARBLER.

Black-billed / Eurasian Magpie - an endemic bird to the region of Ladakh

DAY 07

Full Day Snow Leopard spotting walks/treks (similar to previous day). A day-trip to Rumbak can also be organized depending to the sightings of snow leopard. Trek to Rumbak Valley: The trek is uphill through the Rumbak stream, zig-zaging, on the iced stream few times, to reach to open Valley of Rumbak and Yurutsey junction.  Homestays in these villages are popular in the summer and many trekkers also enjoy experiencing Homestay in the winter. Lunch at Rumbak Sumdo and evening return to Husing Camp. After great spotting of snow leopard - in the evening at the camp and last Dinner Farewell Party with the local staff - the team Ancient Tracks who are expert is spotting the most elusive cats in the world.

Portrait of a Snow Leopard photo by Lobzang Visuddha, Prop. Ancient Tracks, Leh Ladakh

DAY 08

After an early b/f, while the staff packs the camp, guests can have some time for scanning the mountain slopes for last spotting of the leopard. Trek down to Zingchen and drive to Ulley or Rong Valley to Ligtse Villge. Ulley is another snow leopard destination hamlet in sham region of ladakh. It is about 70 km from the Zingchen and the drive is about 3 hrs.  Ligtse another beautiful village (70 km from Leh) in Rong Valley to the east of Leh along the Indus river. Ligtse is surrounded by rocky mountains, perfect habitat for snow leopards. The surrounding villages like Tarchit, Khatpu, Hemya, Phulak, and Tukla are great snow leopard spotting villages in Ladakh. Homestay at Ulley or Ligtse.

A mother followed by her two grown up cubs, leading away from HNP, Photo by Lobzang Visuddha near HNP Gate.

DAY 09

Whole Day at Ulley OR Ligtse Village for spotting snow leopard and other wild animals like Asiatic Ibex, Wolf, Redfox, etc. Homestay Ulley or Ligtse.

Snowy Rock, Snowy Ridge, Snow Cold, Snow Leopard, Ladakh 2018 Feb

DAY 10

Whole Day at Ulley OR Ligtse Village for spotting snow leopard and other wild animals like Asiatic Ibex, Wolf, Redfox, etc. Homestay Ulley or Ligtse.

A Snow Leopard with its kill - a female young Yak at Ulley. Photo by Lobzang Visuddha.

DAY 11

Whole Day at Ulley OR Ligtse Village for spotting snow leopard and other wild animals like Asiatic Ibex, Wolf, Redfox, etc. Homestay Ulley or Ligtse.


Blue-sheep (male). Photo by Lobzang Visuddha

DAY 12

After b/f one last time scan the slopes surrounding the village, drive to Hotel in Leh.  Hot lunch at Hotel, Leh and whole of the evening for checking photos, connecting with the families back home by phone/email and shopping for souvenirs from  Leh Market.

Homestay in the snow-clad Ulley Hamlet. Indeed an experience in it self beside spotting snow leopard

DAY 13

Transfer to BKR Airport Leh for further travel home with great memories of Ladakh Wildlife Tours and good photos of Snow Leopards, Mammals and Birds of Ladakh and other winter wild animals of Ladakh.



Camping with all meals during the camping at Husing

Homestays with all meals during homestays at Ulley or Rong in Ligtse Village

Transportation (6 guest) in a car as per itinerary

Ponies and porters to carry camping gears and lagguages of guest to camping

Camping fees and Wildife Fees for HNP

Hotel/Guest House Accommodation (twine/double) basis for the number of days in Leh

Expert English / Hindi Speaking Guide, Cook, Helpers

Expert advice for spotting snow leopard and tracking movements of the elusive cats in Ladakh.



Insurances of any sort

Personal needs like drinks (alcohol) and medicines, etc

Air tickets

What is not included in INCLUSION