ladakh wildlife tour, ladakh birds watching tours Birding in Ladakh an initiative by the founder members of Wildlife Conservation and Birds Club of Ladakh (WCBCL) for locals have done wonders in creating awareness about birds and conservation work in Ladakh. Solitary-Snipe, Solitary Snipe is one of the most sought after birds in Ladakh by wildlife photographers during winter snow leopard trips to Ladakh. White-winged-Redstart, Guldenstadt Redstart is found in plenty in birding trips to Ladakh in the winter. Ladakh Bird Count 2017 recorded thousands of White-winged-Redstart along the Shey-Thiksay-Marshes. Ladakh Wildlife And Birding Tour Chaff-finch is one of the rare birds found in Ladakh during a birding trip. This Chaff-finch prographed at Thukje Gonpa near Tsokar Lake in Ladakh is a record sighting. Birding in Ladakh with Ancient Tracks is unique Ladakh Birding Tour. Magpie is one of the endemic birds of Ladakh and common to Eurasian region. Himalayan Griffon at Taklang La pass, on the way to Tsokar Lake, Leh to Manali highway Spotted Dove, a record sighting in Ladakh by Lobzang Visuddha, Founder, Wildife Conservation and Birds Club of Ladakh (WCBCL). Birding in Ladakh with Ancient Tracks is unique birding trips to Ladakh region of high altitude birds of Ladakh. Black-necked Crane is Jammu & Kashmir's State Bird, breeds in Ladakh only. Blue-Throat is one of the birds of Ladakh found mainly along the Indus Belt, Shey-Thiksay-Marshes in Leh Ladakh., Leh, Ladakh, India. Wildlife Conservation and Birds Club of Ladakh (WCBCL) is founded by Lobzang Visuddha and friends. Ancient Tracks poineers in bird and wildlife conservation in Ladakh. Blue-Rock-Thrush, one of the summer birds of Ladakh. Birding in Ladakh and Wildlife Tours to Ladakh with Ancient Tracks is a specialised birding and wildlife tour program for Ladakh Yellow-billed Chough, one of the high altitude endemic birds of Ladakh Himalaya

Birding in Ladakh Wildlife Tours

Leh; Indus Belt; Marshes; Nubra Valley; Pangong; Chushul; Loma Bed; Nyoma; Hanle; Rongo; Tsomoriri; Puga Sumdo; Puga Valley; Tsokar Lake Basin; Taklang La Pass; Rumtsey; Shey; Thiksay; Spituk
Trip Duration:
13 Nights - 14 Days
Best Time:
May- June and Oct
5006 m
Wild animals of Ladakh, Birds of Ladakh
Leh, Indus Belt, Shey, Thiksay, Rumtsey, Thukjay, Puga, Tsomoriri, Chumathang
Khardong La Pass, Wari La Pass, Tsaga La Pass, Changla Pass, Polokongka La Pass, Taklang La Pass,
Price Available on Request

Wildlife of Ladakh, Birds of Ladakh, Birds of Himalaya, Ladakh Wildlife, Snow Leopards in Ladakh

Ladakh Union Territory is one of the areas in India where some of the rare high altitude birds and wildlife/ mammals and butterflies can be spotted. Hundreds of serious birders and wildlife enthusiasts visit  Ladakh in the summer for birding. Birding Hotspots in Ladakh like Indus belt – Spituk, Choglamsar, Shey, Thiksay and Chushot around Leh city and Tsokar Lake, Puga Valley, Tsomoriri, Hanle, Anley, Chushul, Nyoma, Lomabend, Panamik, Deskit, Hundar, Turtuk, South Pullu, Northe Pullu, Khardong village, Tsaga village, Tsaga la, Saspotsey, Ulley, Saspol, Trishul Lake, Rumbak valley, Ganda la, Nimaling and Chushot  are a must visit for bird and wildlife lovers. Following Itinerary is specially customized for wildlife lovers and birders to spot maximum number of birds and wildlife during the trip.

Recent Birding Tour program by Ancient Tracks to Ladakh Himalaya resulted in finding many new species and adding new species to the Checkling of Birds of Ladakh. New birds species of Ladakh added to the existing checklist of Birds of Ladakh included Pale Rosefinch, Plumbeous Water Redstart, Northern Wheater, Lesser White-faced Goose, Red-wattled Lapwing, Purple Swamphen, Common Redstart, Spotted Dove (after 1960), Baer's Pochard, etc. to name a few. Due to local Ladakhi Birders taking time to birding, there is a great chance that the Birds of Ladakh checklisted will be enhance drastically in the coming few years.

Ladakh is home to many rare, endangered high altitude birds which include Upland Buzzard, Saker Falcon, Little Owl, Eurasian Eagle Owl, Northern Wheater, Tibetan Lark, Tibetan Snowcock, Himalayan Snowcock, Tibetan Partridge, Tibetan Sandgrouse, Golden Eagle, Eurasian Magpie / Black-billed Magpie, Ground Tit / Humme's Ground Pecker, Great Rosefinch, Norther/Common Ravin, Lammergeier, Himalayan Griffon Vulture, Tibetan Snowfinch, Brandt's or Black-headed snowfinch, Chinese Ruby-throat / Himalayan Ruby-throat, Alpine Chough, Red-billed Chough, Robin Accentor, Brown Accentor, Black-throated Accentor, Twite, Chukar Partridge, etc..

Many birders visit Ladakh to add to their list some lifer birds of Ladakh. White-browed Tit Warbler is one of among the many species of Birds of Ladakh the birders look for during their birding tours to Ladakh with Ancient Tracks.



Day 01: Delhi to Leh

Arrive at Leh Airport and Trasfer to Hotel. Full day are rest for acclimatization to high altitude.

Leh is situated at 3500 m above sea level. Guests are suggested to take complete day rest/ leisure for acclimatization to the high altitude. Meeting with Birding Tour Guide/Escort at Hotel and detail explanation of the Itinerary for the following days.

Day 02: Birding Around Indus Belt.

Full Day Birding Around Leh – Indus River Belt from Thiksay till Phey. Highlight – Look for Ibisbill, Solitary Snipe, Eurasian Hobby, etc.  After a Cup of Tea or Coffee, drive along the Indus River for Birding. Packed Breakfast during the morning birding session somewhere along the Indus River. Return for Lunch at Hotel / Leh.  After Lunch again drive along the Indus River for Birding. Tea/Coffee and snacks during the Birding.  Return to Hotel for Dinner.

Ibisbill - one of the rare and endemic birds of Ladakh

Day 03: Birding Around Indus Belt similar to Day2 of Birding.

The route of Birding Tour along the Indus will change as per birding guide’s suggestion.

Day04:Nubra valley across Khardong la Pass

Drive  (145 km) to Nubra Valley across Khardong La Pass (5600 m) – Himalayan Snowcock, Yellow Billed Chough, Little Owl, After an early breakfast Drive to Nubra Valley. Unlike other cultural trips, there will be many stops for Birding along the road crossing the highest motorable road in the world. Pack Lunch on the way for convenience of prolonging the drive on spotting interesting species of Birds.  Reach Hotel for Dinner and o/n stay.

Himalayan Snowcock, on the way to Khardongla pass, Ladakh.

Day 05:Birding in Nubra Valley

Full Day Birding in Nubra Valley  (2950 m)- Panamik, Sumoor, Deskit and Hundar. Highlight – White-browed Tit Wabler, Scalleybelly woodpecker, etc. After a Cup of Tea or Coffee, Drive (120 km to and fro) to Panamik, Sumoor and Deskit for Birding. Packed Breakfast during the morning birding session somewhere on the way and Packed Lunch. Return to Hotel for Dinner.

Day 06 Nubra Valley to Pangong Lake (4360 m)

Drive (147 km) to Pangong Lake(4380 m)  via Wari La Pass  (5370 m)  or  Shayok (3800m). Highlight Himalayan Wolf, Blue-Sheep, Ladakh Urial, Finches and Larks.After an early breakfast drive along the Shayok River to the North-East to Pangong Lake. Packed Lunch on the way for convenience.  Reach Pangong Lake for Dinner and o/n stay.

Oriental Sky Lark, Ladakh

Day 07 Pangong Lake to Hanle via Chushul, Tsaga La.

Drive (180 km) to Hanle* / Anley (4500 m) via Chushul and Tsagala Pass. Highlight Black-necked Crane, Golden Eagle, Bar-headed Goose, Ruddy Shelduck, White-capped Redstart, etc.

After an early breakfast drive to Hanle/Anley via Tsaga la pass, Loma Bend, Rongo and Lal Pahari. Packed Lunch on the way for convenience if interesting species spotted and journey delayed.  Reach Pangong Lake for Dinner and o/n stay.

Hanle Marshes, host to many rare birds and mammals of Ladakh.


Day 08 Birding Around Hanle / Anley – Kalak Tar Tar

Full Day Birding and Wildlife Tour, including Kalak Tar Tar plateau (4800 m).  Highlight – Tibetan Gazelle, Pala’s Cat and Eurasian Owl, Redfox, Golden Eagle, Upland Buzzard, etc. Kalak Tar Tar is the only Habitat for Tibetan Gazelles in India and there are estimated only 55-75 Tibetan Gazelles in India.. It is about 35km from the Homestay at Anley.  Anley is situated at 4350 m and Kalak Ter Ter is at 4800 m. After Tea or Coffee, Drive to Kalak Ter Ter platue at around 5:00 a.m. Packed Breakfast on the way.  Return to Homestay for Lunch and Evening around the Astrophysics Hill for spotting Golden Eagle, Eurasian Owl and if Lucky the most elusive Palla’s Cat. Return to Homestay for Dinner.

Palla's Cat is one of the rare Mammals of Ladakh

Day 09 Hanle (3500 m) to Korzok (4600 m)

Drive (180 km) to Tsomoriri Lake /Korzok Village (4600 m). Highlights – Woolly Hare, Raven, Wolf, Redfox. After an early breakfast drive along the Tsomoriri Lake via Nyoma and Mahe Bridge. Packed Lunch on the way for convenience if interesting species spotted and journey delayed.  Reach Korzok / Tsomoriri Lake for Dinner and o/n stay.

Day 11: Tsomoriri to Tsokar Lake via Puga La

Drive to Tsokar (4600 m) via Puga Valley and Polo kongka La (4950 m). Highlight – Tibetan Snowcock, Tibetan Partridge, Himalayan Wolf, Black-necked Crane, Finches, etc.

After an early breakfast drive along the Tsokar Lake via Puga Hotspring Valley. Packed Lunch on the way for convenience if interesting species spotted and journey delayed.  Reach Thukjay/ Hotel for Dinner and o/n stay.

Humme's Ground Pecker, Tsokar Lake, Ladakh

Day 12 Birding Around Tsokar Basin.

Full Day Birding and Wildlife Tour Around (35 km) Tsokar Lake Basin. Highlights – Tibetan Argali, Black-necked Crane, Humme’s Ground Pecker, Tibetan Sandgrouse, Kiang, Little Owl, Great Rosefinch, etc.After an early morning Tea/ Coffee start a round trip of the Tsokar Lake Basin with Packed Breakfast and Packed Lunch. Breakfast and Lunch at convenient place while birding along the the bank of the Lake Basin. Reach Hotel for  dinner  o/n.

Tibetan Lark, Tsokar Lake Basin, Ladakh

Day 13: Tsokar to Leh via Taklang La Pass (5330 m)

Drive to Leh (3500 m) via Taklang La (5330 m), Rumtsey Valley. Highlights – Himalayan Griffon, Saker Falcon, Lammergeier, Golden Eagle, Tibetan Snowcock and White-capped Redstart, Tibetan Wolf, Blue-sheep, etc. After an early breakfast drive via Taklang La pass, Rumstsey Valley to Leh via Upshi. Packed Lunch on the way for convenience if interesting species spotted and journey delayed.  Reach Leh for Dinner and o/n stay.

Birding in Ladakh with Ancient Tracks, Leh Ladakh

Day14: Leh to Delhi

After an early breakfast drive to transfer to Leh Kushok Bakula Rinpochey Airport for further journey home with memorable experience of Birding and Wildlife Tour in Ladakh.


Important Points:

The Guest should be well aware of the fact that no granted sightings of rare species of birds and mammals can be promised. They should be well aware that for record sightings, they need to have good zoom lenses and cameras and also should have their own binox and if possible spotting scope.

They should also be aware that spotting birds and wildlife in Trans Himalayas meant negotiating high altitude, windy and cold locations and hence should be fully equipped with good clothing for the region like good jackets, hand gloves, etc.

*Anley or Hanle region via  Chushul, Tsagala, Rongo and Lal Pahadi need special permission for domestic tourists.

Foreigners cannot visit the above specified destination even with a permit and need prior permission from the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), New Delhi.  Ancient Tracks cannot procure this special permit for foreigners and the guest themselves have to apply and get it. They can skip Chushul, Tsaga La and Hanle and can do the rest of the days with PAP permit from Leh.


All transfers and travel by Mahidra Xylo Car (maximum 5 person in a car),

Hotel / Homestay Accommodation with 3 Meals (Lunch mostly packed) on twin sharing basis, 

1 Spotting Scope for the group and 1 Binocular for the group,

Assistance of Birding Guide all along the Tour.

Protected Area Permit (PAP) to Nubra, Pangong, Tsomoriri, Hanle, Chushul

Price Per Person for Minimum of 4 pax on a Tour.



Air ticket till Leh and back from Leh airport, Individual Scopes and Binox, Cameras and battery backups, helper to carry camera, etc , personal drinks, etc.


What to bring:

Warm Clothing for mornings and evenings at high altitude places

Individual Binoculars and Spotting Scopes (not compulsory if you don’t own one), Good Zoom, Cameras, Birds of Indian Subcontinent Book,


Booking Confirmation:

Booking of such Birding Tours are considered as confirmed on Receipt of 100% of the Total Tour Cost


Cancellation Policy

  • 100% cancellation applies, once booking is confirmed. Please Note above Rates once booked are completely Non-refundable, Non- Transferable and Non-Changeable.
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Rates are subject to change.
  • Passport should be valid for at-least 6 months from the date of travel
  • No bookings are confirmed without advance payment

It is not to be construed that accommodation is confirmed at these hotels until and unless we convey the confirmations to you on receipt of your acceptance.

However in the event of any of the above mentioned hotels not becoming available at the time of initiating the reservations, we shall book alternate accommodation at a similar or next best available hotel and shall pass on the difference of rates (supplement/reduction whatever applicable) to you.