Kanji to Padum Trek via Dibling

Leh; alchi; Lamayuru; Kanji, Dibliing; Lingshed; Hanamur; Pishu; Karsha, Padum; Zongskul; Rangdum; Kargil, Mulbekh
Trip Duration:
14 Nights - 15 Days
Best Time:
Mid August - End of Sept
5350 m
Ladakh and Zangskar Experience Trek
Leh, alchi, Likir, Lamayuru, Kanji, Dibling, Lingshed, Hanamur, Pishu, Karsha, Padum, Zongskul, Rangdum, Kargil,
Kanji La Pass 5350 m, Barfi La Pass, Pentse La Pass, Namika La Pass, Fotu La Pass
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Kanji to Padum Trek via Dibling is one of the nicest treks in the regon of Ladakh. Lamayuru to Padum trek is being compensated by this side trek. Due to construction of road till Singe La, the classic Lamayuru to Padum trek loses its charms.

This Kanji to Padum via Dibling and Lingshed traverses through beautiful ancient villages and hamlets with great stunning landscapes enjoyed all the great trekkers. This trek starting from Kanji in Leh District and ends at Pishu village in Zangskar Padum in Kargil District. Beside covering beautiful landscapes, mountain passes, high altitude pasture lands, one could also enjoy Ladakhi lifestyle of ancient ladakhi villages and great monasteries of Ladakh and Zangskar like, Alchi, Likir, Lamayuru, Lingshed Gonpa, Pishu Nunnery, Karsha Gonpa, Stongday Gonpa, Zangla Fort and Nunnery, Sani Gonpa, Chukshikjal Nunnery, Zongskul Gonpa and Rangdum Gonpa on the way.

This 15 Day trek covers great places - villages, hamplets, passes, pasturelands, and campings of both Ladakh and Zangskar.

This Trek can be done only after Mid-August till End of Sept due to river swell, especially between Dibling and Lingshed Sumdo.



Kanji to Dibling Trek


  1. Drive to Kanji, on the visit Likir, Alchi and Lamayuru
  2. Kanji to Kanji La Base 6 hrs
  3. Kanji La Base to South Base Kanji La  7 hrs  over Kanjila Pass 5350 m
  4. Kanji La Base South to Pikdong La Base 5-6 hrs
  5. Pikdong La Base to Dibling 7 hrs. over Pikdong La Pass 5250 m
  6. Dibling to Lingshed Sumdo 5 hrs
  7. Lingshed Sumdo to Skuaz 5-6 hrs
  8. Skuaz to Zinghen 6 hrs
  9. Zingchen to Hanamur 6 hrs over Barfi La Pass 4800 m
  10. Hanamur to Pishu 5 hrs
  11. Pishu to Padum drive via Karsha Gonpa. 4 hrs
  12. Full Day sightseeing around Padum
  13. Padum to Rangdum drive 8 hrs
  14. Rangdum to Kargil 8hrs. Visit Rangdum Gonpa.
  15. Kargil to Leh, via Lamayuru and Melbekh

This is one of the best treks in Ladakh covering Monasteries, great villages and Zangskar Range. Beside a great trek through stunning landscape and ancient villages, Monasteries of Zangskar like Lingshed, Stongday, Karsha, Pishu Nunnery, Zangla, Sani and Zongskul around Padum and Rangdum on the way to Kargil can be visit. The drive from Padum to Rangdum and Kargil and further to Leh via Mulbekh, Lamayuru and Alchi are great cultural and spiritual experiences.


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