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Kargil; Mulbekh, Lamayuru; Indus Valley; Sham Valley; Indus Belt; Marshes; Nubra; Pangong; Chushul; Nyoma; Hanle; Tsokar; Tsomoriri; Tsokar, Taklangla; Rumtsey; Thiksay; Spituk; Leh; Anley; Tasabuk Tso; Tsokar Lake Basin; Changla; Rumbak; Man Meraks; Tsaga La; Rongdo;
Trip Duration:
14 Nights - 15 Days
Best Time:
May- June and Sept - Oct
High Altitude Birds / Birds of Ladakh / Birds of Indian Himalaya
Srinagar, Sonmarg, Drass, Kargil, Mulbekh, Lamayuru, Rizong, Spituk, Leh, Shey, Thiksay, Khardong, Deskit, Hundar, Panamik, Sumoor, Digar, Tangyar, Chushul, Pangong, Man, Meraks, Spangmik, Tangtse, Durbook, Hanle Anley, Korzok, Tsomoriri, Puga Sumdo, Tsok
Zoji La Pass, Namika La Pass, Foto La Pass, Khardong La Pass, Wari La Pass, Tsaga La Pass, Changla Pass, Polokongka La Pass, Taklang La Pass,
Price Available on Request

Birds of Ladakh, Wildlife of Ladakh, Mammals of Ladakh, Butterflies of Ladakh, Floral Divesity of Ladakh

Leh and Kargil Districts in Union Territory of  Ladakh in north eastern part of  India is paradise for birders and wildlife photographers where some of the very rare high altitude birds and wildlife/ mammals and butterflies can be spotted and photographed. Hundreds of serious birders and wildlife enthusisits visit Ladakh in the summer months for birding. Important Birding  Area or Birding Hotspots in Ladakh like Indus belt – Spituk, Choglamsar, Shey, Thiksay and Chushot around Leh city and Tsokar Lake, Puga Valley, Tsomoriri, Hanle, Anley, Chushul, Nyoma, Lomabend in Changthang region and, Panamik, Sumoor and  Hundar areas in Nubra Valley are a must visit for birds and wildlife lovers.

Hemis National Park (HNP) or presently re-named Hemis High Altitude National Park (HHNP) is a must in the itinerary of birders and wildlife photographers visiting Ladakh.

Few important books to be referred before venturing on a Birding and Wildlife Photographers:

1. Birds of Mammals of Ladakh by Otto Pfister  2. Birds of Indian Subcontinent by Grimmet and Innskips  3. Field Guide Birds of Ladakh 4. Field Guide Mammals of Ladakh  and 5. Field Guide Floral Diversity of Ladakh by WWF, DWPL 6. Birds of Himalaya, etc 



Day 01 Srinagar and Nagin Lake

Arrive at Srinagar Airport and transfer to House Boat at Nagin Lake.  Afternoon Birding tours at Nagin Lake and surroundings by Shikhara boat. Little Bittern, Great Bittern, Night Heron, Indian Pond Heron,  Little Egret, Great Egret, Pied Kingfisher, White-throated King fisher, Common King fisher,  Little Grebe,  Indian Oreille, Ashy Drongo, Black-kite, Moorhen, Himalayan bulbul, etc. etc. Nagin Lake

Black-crowned Night Heron, Birding in Ladakh and Kashmir.

Day 02 Full Day Birding Trip to Daichigam National Park.

Highlights- Egyptian Vulture, Eastern Imperial Eagle, Kashmir Flycatcher,  Tytler’s Leaf-warbler, Orange Bullfinch, Kashmir Nuthatch, Himalayan Griffon, Grandala, Tickell’ Leaf Warbler, Red-mantled Rosefinch, Red-fronted Rosefinch, Himalayan Rubythroat,  Koklass Pheasant, Himalayan Monal, Streaked Laughingthrush,  Variegated Laughing thrush,  Long-billed Bush-warbler, Western Crowned Leaf-warbler, Rusty-tail Flycatcher, Fire-capped Tit, Simla Crested Tit, Green-backed Tit, Bar-tailed Treecreeper, Yellow-breasted Greenfinch, Yellow-billed Blue Magpie, etc. House Boat, Nagin Lake.

Ashy Drongo, Nagin Lake, Srinagar, Kashmir.

Day 03 Srinagar to Kargil

Drive to Kargil via Zoji La Pass and Drass. Highlights – Brown Bear, etc. Hotel, Kargil

Black-billed Magpie / Eurasian Magpie is an Endemic Birds of Ladakh.

Day04 Kargil to Leh

Drive to Via Lamayuru, Indus Valley. Hightlights – Blue Sheep, Magpie, Chukar, Ladakh Urial, Eurasian Golden Oreille, Magpie, Common Rosefinch, etc. Hotel, Leh

Day 05 Birding Around Indus Belt marshes

Full Day Birding Around Leh – Indus River Belt from Thiksay till Phey. Highlights –for Ibisbill, Great cormorant, Black-billed Magpie, Common Rosefinch, Mountain Chiffchaf, Carion Crow, Large-billed Crow,  Jack Daw, Redshank, Erasian Golden Oreille,  Red-billed Chough, etc.

Golden Oriele is one of the summer birds of Ladakh

Day 06 Leh to Nubra Valley

Drive to Nubra Valley across Khardong La Pass – Himalayan Snowcock, Yellow Billed Chough, Little Owl

Day 07 Around Nubra Valley Birding

Full Day Birding in Nubra Valley  - Panamik, Sumoor, Deskit and Hundar. Highlight – White-browed Tit Wabler, Scalleybelly woodpecker,

White-browed Tit Warbler can be spotted in Hundar and Panamik, Ladakh.

Day 08 Nubra to Pangong Lake via Shyayok River/Wari La

Drive to Pangong Lake via Wari La Pass / Shayok. Hightlights – Brown-headed Gull, Palla’s Gull, Rudy Shelduck, Barheaded Geese, Tern, Goosander, Larks, etc.

Brown-headed Gull, Pangong Lake, Ladakh.

Day 09 Pangong to Hanle via Chushul and Tsaga la

Drive to Hanley* / Anley via Chushul and Tsagala Pass. Highlight Black-necked Crane, Golden Eagle, Ruddy Shelduck, Barheaded Geese, Common Tern, Northern Pintail, Common Merganser, Black Redstart, Tibetan Sandgrouse, and Tibetan Patridge.

Day 10 Kalak Tartar and back.

Full Day Birding and Wildlife Tour, including Kalak Ter Ter plateau.  Highlights – Tibetan Gazzelle, Palla’s Cat, Tibetan Wolf, Red Fox, Weasel, Blue Sheep, Woolly Hare, Eurasian Owl. Rudy Shelduck, Golden Eagle, Lesser Sand Plover, Redshank, Greater Spotted Eagle, etc.

Tibetan Gazelles, Hale is only habitat for Tibetan Gazelle in India

Day 11 Hanle to Tsomorir Lake / Korzok

Drive to Tsomoriri Lake /Korzok Village. Highlights – Accentors, Woolly Hare, Ravin, Wolf, Redfox, Lesser Sand Plover, Black-necked Crane, Feruginous Pochard, River Tern, etc.

Day 12 Tsomorir to Tsokar Lake

Drive to Tsokar via Puga Valley and Polokongka La. Highlight – Tibetan Snowcock, Tibetan Patridge, Himalayan Wolf, Red Fox, Woolly Hare, Himalayan/Tibetan Wolf, Ground Pecker, Rosy Pipit, Pied Avocet, Rudy Shelduck, Lesser Sand Plover,  Bar-headed Geese,  Terns, Crested Grebe, Great Rosefinch, Streaked Rosefinch, Tibetan Snowfinch, Mongolian Snowfinch, Brandt’s Mountainfinch, Plain-backed Snowfinch, Crested Lark, Horned Larked,  Black-headed Gull, Brown-headed Gull, Common Chaffinch, Twite, Common Hoopoe,  Desert Wheater, Tibetan Sandgrouse, Humme’s Wheater, Pied Wheater, Lammergeier / Bearded Vulture, Merlin, Upland Buzzard,  Himalayan Griffon, Saker Falcon, Common Teal, Black-tailed Godvit, Mallard, Gadwal, Crested Grebe,

Tibetan Argali (female) with a new born, Tsokar Lake, Ladakh.

Day13 Tsokar Lake Basin

Full Day Birding and Wildlife Tour Around Tsokar Lake Basin . Highlights – Tibetan Argali, Black-necked Crane, Humme’s Ground Pecker, Tibetan Sandgrouse, Kiang, Little Owl, Great Rosefinch, etc.

Great Rosefinch, Ladakh

Day 14 Tsokar to Leh

Drive to Leh via Taklang La, Rumtsey Valley. Highlights – Himalayan Griffon, Saker Falcon,  Blue-sheep, Tibetan Wolf,  Redfox, Tibetan Snowcock,  Chukar, White-capped Redstart, Finches, Yellow billed chough, Lammergeier / Bearded Vulture, Golden Eagle, Kestrel, Cuckoo, etc.

Day 15 Leh to Delhi

Airport transfer and Fly to Delhi


Important Points:

The Guest should be well aware of the fact that no granted sightings of rare species of birds and mammals can be promised. They should be well aware that for record sightings, they need to have good zoom lenses and cameras and also should have their own binox and if possible spotting scope.

They should also be aware that spotting birds and wildlife in Trans Himalayas meant negotiating high altitude, windy and cold locations and hence should be fully equipped with good clothing for the region like good jackets, hand gloves, etc.

*Anley or Hanle region via  Chushul, Tsagala, Rongo and Lal Pahadi need special permission for domestic tourists.

Foreigners cannot visit the above specified destination even with a permit and need prior permission from the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), New Delhi.  Ancient Tracks cannot procure this special permit for foreigners and the guest themselves have to apply and get it.


All transfers and travel by Mahidra Xylo Car (maximum 5 person in a car),

Hotel / Homestay Accommodation with 3 Meals (Lunch mostly packed) on twin sharing basis, 

1 Spotting Scope for the group and 1 Binocular for the group,

Assistance of Birding Guide all along the Tour.

Protected Area Permit (PAP) to Nubra, Pangong, Tsomoriri, Hanle, Chushul

Price Per Person for Minimum of 4 pax on a Tour.


Air ticket till Leh and back from Leh airport,

Individual Scopes and Binox, Cameras and battery backups, helper to carry camera, etc , personal drinks, etc.


What to bring

Warm Clothing for mornings and evenings at high altitude places

Individual Binoculars and Spotting Scopes (not compulsory if you don’t own one), Good Zoom, Cameras, Birds of Indian Subcontinent Book,

Booking Confirmation:

Booking of such Birding Tours are considered as confirmed on Receipt of 100% of the Total Tour Cost

Cancellation Policy

100% cancellation applies, once booking is confirmed. Please Note above Rates once booked are completely Non-refundable, Non- Transferable and Non-Changeable.

Terms and Conditions

  • Rates are subject to change.
  • Passport should be valid for at-least 6 months from the date of travel
  • No bookings are confirmed without advance payment
  • It is not to be construed that accommodation is confirmed at these hotels until and unless we convey the confirmations to you on receipt of your acceptance.
  • However in the event of any of the above mentioned hotels not becoming available at the time of initiating the reservations, we shall book alternate accommodation at a similar or next best available hotel and shall pass on the difference of rates (supplement/reduction whatever applicable) to you.