Lamayuru Zangskar Darcha Trek

Lamayuru Zangskar Darcha Trek

Leh / Lamayuru / Lingshed / Padum / Zangskar / Darcha / Manali
Trip Duration:
20 Nights - 21 Days
Best Time:
June to September
Price Available on Request

Lamayuru to Darcha or Across Zangskar trek is one of the best treks in Ladakh. Due to developmental works, construction of motor able road on some of the trekking routes, some part of the trekking route has new but non-traffic village link roads. This trek is still one of the best in terms of passes, spectacular views of mountains, and changing colors of great views with the passage of days and sunlight. Many beautiful villages, temples, and Monasteries including the  Ridzong, Lamayuru, Lingshed Gonpa, Karsha Gonpa and Phuktal Gonpa are treat to both eyes and mind.



Day 01- Leh to Lamayuru 8 hours

This is Cultural Day with visit to some of the most popular and interesting cultural sights in Western Ladakh or Sham region of Ladakh. Visit to some of the this monasteries are must as you get an insight into the spiritual lives of Ladakhis. Visit Likir, Alchi, Ridzong and Lamayuru.  Camp at Lamayuru or Guest house.

Lamayuru Monastery on the Lamayuru to Darsha Trek

Day 02- Lamayuru to Wanla (3250m) 2-3 hours

This is a easy day with few hours of trek. It is also an acclimization day for the long day trekking days ahead. Morning could visit the Gonpa to witness prayer performances by the monks. Cross Pringkiti La (3700 m) and trek to Shilla hamlet of Wanla and Camp.

Day 03 Wanla to Hanupatta (3970m) 6-7 hrs

After crossing the river and a stream walk along the road eastward. The trail splits into two, one leads towards Alchi village and another to Sumda Chenmo. One more bridge to cross (ignore the second one) to get to a stupa, following which, gorge opens up into the valley of Hanupatta.  

Gate Way to Haunpatta Village on the Lamayuru to Darsha Trek

Day 04 Hanupatta to Photoksar (4050m) via Sirsirla (4850m) 6-7 hrs. 

The day 4 involves crossing streams and walking along these before climbing the Sirsir la (4850m). After crossing the pass a stream leads to the campsite in the Photoksar village.

Day 05 Photksar to SingayLa base (4300m) 8 hrs

On the walk down the village keep the stream on your left, and you approach a few Pulu (herders’ shelters). Cross the stream to move towards the base of Singay la. The base, which is the campsite for the day, is not a very long walk from the herders’ shelters. 

Singe la Passon the Lamayru to Darsha Trek in Ladakh

Day 06 Singayla base to Lingshet (3950m) 5-6 hrs. 

Climb up the Singay La pass (5050m), and on the way down a trail leading to left goes to Yulchung Nerags village. Cross the stream and walk upwards to Margo la (4500m).

Lingshe Village Home

Day 07 Lingshet to Snyertse (3800m) 8 hrs. 

Walk down the stream through the fields and an easy ascend starts after crossing the stream. At Hanuma la (4800m) has the first and good view of Lingshet valley. Walking down along a stream leads you to the campsite before the village next to a tree. 

Day 08 Snyertse to Hanamur (3450m) 6 hrs. 

The day’s journey begins with crossing the stream and leaving it on the left to walk upwards. After a curve start walking up to the stream, cross the bridge and then a steep ascent takes you to Parfi la (3950m). The village Hanamur has only two houses.

Day 09 Hanamur to Pishu 4-5 hrs.  

Walk along the Zanskar River passing through Pidmo village before getting to the camp. 

Day 10 Pishu to Karsha (3650m) 4 hrs. 

Continue walking along the Zanskar River towards Karsha passing through Rinam village. 

Lingshed Village

Day 11 Karsha to Padum (3610m) 2 hrs. 

The day also has in store for you visits to religious monuments in Pibiting village and in Padum, which is also headquarter of Zanskar region.

Day 12 Rest at Padum (3610m) 

Padum Zangskar

Day 12 is spared for a complete rest before proceeding further. Visits to historical monasteries of Stakrimo and Sani would be worthwhile during the day before your lunch at your lei-sure. 

Day 13 Padum to Raru (3800m) 5-6 hrs. 

All through the day’s trek is walking on the road in parallel to and upstream the Lungnak River. On the way perched on a hill is the Bardan Gonpa seemingly protruding from the river and then Mune village is reached. The campsite is close to a bridge.

Day 14 Raru to Pepula (3750m) 5 hrs. 

There are many up and down traverse along the river after crossing it to get the Pepu la pass close to a stream. The campsite is near the teashop.

Day 15 Pepula to Purne (3775m) 4-5 hrs 

Cross the stream and walk up to the next bridge near Tantse. Cross the Lungnak River and walk towards north for Purne, where you have to camp.

Day 16 Purne to Phuktal (3900m) to Purne 5 hrs. 

Walk towards Phugtal Monastery and walk back to the Camp at Purne. Overnight stay in the Camp.

Day 17 Purne to Sking (4000m) 6-7 hrs. 

Walk towards south and cross the same bridge. Walk southward through a valley to get the camp.

Day 18 Sking (Hing or Kargyak) to Lhakhang (4450m) 6 hrs. 

Walk towards Kargyak and the camp site is just across the bridge. Overnight stay in the camp.

Day 19 Lhakhang to Ramjak (4300m) via Shinkunla 6-7 hrs. 

Again walk along the river and the ascend starts after a few miles walk. Reach Shinkunla (5090m) top and other side of the pass is little bit difficult. Arrive at Ramjak after passing by Chumik Nakpo. The Campsite is near a Mani wall. 

Day 20 Ramjak to Palhamo (3700m) 5-6 hrs. 

Walk towards the same direction along the stream and after sometime cross the river to get to a teashop. The campsite is after crossing the bigger stream.

Day 21 Pal Lhamo to Darcha Sumo (3300m) 3-4 hrs. 

Today is the last day with short walk passing through the villages of Chika and Rarik, from where the motor able road starts and it takes you to Darcha Sumdo. Drive to Manali.